Our Story

A Half Century of Trust

For over 50 years

Sutherland Packaging has been providing cost-effective, high-quality point of purchase displays for some of the most recognized brands in the world. We are renowned throughout the market for our expertise in the design, manufacture and printing of high-impact full-color displays, shippers and cartons. As a family-owned company, we invest a deep sense of pride in everything that we produce. That means delivering “best-in-class” printed products is not just a goal, but rather a bedrock pillar of our day-to-day operations; an operating principle that is deeply imbedded in our corporate DNA.

Personal Service

At Sutherland, we focus on one thing: making your print project a success for you.

  • Our designers know how to get the most challenging technical files to yield optimal results.
  • Our sales team uses imagination and innovation to develop unique, custom-blended solutions that make consumers stand up and notice your brand message.
  • Our production group works tirelessly to hit your most demanding timeline.

At Sutherland, we simply get it done.

Quality and Value

Sutherland provides unmatched value to customers across the nation. What makes this possible? Our unrivaled expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing operations, and a talented team of focused professionals who are empowered and committed to your success. To exceed your expectations, we employ rigorous quality control procedures and we demand excellence at every step of the process.


Sutherland Packaging is dedicated to an active role when it comes to social responsibility, whether it’s through a range of charities and civic organizations or maintaining a corporate focus on environmental responsibility. We believe that by delivering social, environmental and economic benefits to the communities that we serve, we ultimately become an even stronger organization.

Global Leaders Rely on Sutherland

For decades, major brands have partnered with Sutherland Packaging for a range of unique, high-impact solutions. We also take pride in helping entrepreneurial start-ups as they begin to grow and establish their brand identities.

Our Core Team

With dozens of employees working behind the scenes to make your product a success, we know that it takes drive, focus and precision to get the job done. To ensure that outcome, our Core Team takes responsibility for the entire process and will work closely with you to deliver results, on-time and on-budget.

Meet the Team