Innovative Point-of-Purchase Display Case Studies

A Case Study: Pirate’s Booty

Direct print technology removes the need for a lithographic label to be applied over corrugated substrates, effectively replacing litho dollars with just a few cents of ink. Ideal for the retail consumer products market and club store displays, this advanced 5-color technology saves on both material costs and shipping times.

Watch the 90 second video to find out how.

Pirate’s Booty Part 2: Find Hidden Treasure with Direct Print 

Our world-class expertise in direct print allows the Pirate’s Booty brand to shine, pop, and sell leaving the expense of litho labels behind.

Sutherland is the expert on retail graphics, stripping out unnecessary litho costs and revealing Hidden Treasure… over & over & over again.

Pirate’s Booty Part 3: Top Secret, Eyes Only

Learn how Sutherland refines the Direct Print process down to micro-dots and chroma-levels for exact color matching.

Pirate’s  Booty Part 4: Finding Hidden Treasure

The end result: Direct Print now competes with litho. Sutherland finds the Hidden Treasure!

Two Colors for the Price of One

Not everybody gets it, but it’s SO EASY. Sutherland’s Eric Stanton explains just how EASY it is.

Raise your expectations, and you leave your competition behind.

2 Colors on Stock Brown Box –Smart & Inexpensive and Improves Market Presence

2 Colors on Self-Locking White –with User Friendly Instructions Printed on the Inside

Big Graphics at Small Cost

2 Pallet Displays:  “Buttered Waffle over Black Ink” – Direct Print on Corrugated and
Mouthwatering Organic Lime Dipping Sauce” – Direct Print on Corrugated

Our Inhouse Artisans express the Consumer’s deep desire for your product using the Direct Print on Corrugated medium.

They express the mouthwatering desire of your success by removing litho from pallet displays – saving money, time & waste.

Farm to Market

Understand everything that goes into advancing our Customers position in the market. Strategy is like candy kettle-corn to us – we can’t get enough of it. We jump at every opportunity to support our Customers’ market strategy with exacting precision. Then we ensure OnTime Delivery with our strategically selected, expert, customer friendly Shipping Team. Come see what goes into getting your shipment out.

Perfect Paper

Take a look at our combining operation.  Using One Billion Square Feet per year, Sutherland’s corrugator consortium is the largest independent buyer of roll stock in the US.  Responsible recycling & carbon footprint.  Controlled sourcing, precision geometry, overnight delivery.  Optimum quality fiber value – perfect for eye catching graphics.

3D Animation Tools HD

This visual shows basic corrugated board morphing into beautiful Custom Retail Displays.

Like your most desired automobile, you’re looking at elegant exteriors with toughness under the hood – achieved here through folding, locking, and quick construction.  These precisely engineered folds double, and even quadruple the corrugated board to achieve extreme side and column strength.  All of this is done using common components … and as you can see, brilliantly easy construction.


Jen & Jeff pinned all their hopes & dreams on ABC-TV’s SharkTank for financing.
Sutherland’s Color Nation sent them in with added confidence.

Pipsnacks won.  Pipcorn is born.
(…yes, that’s our product in the supporting role)

Uncompromising HD

Water Recycle

Big Displays. Big Graphics. Big Savings.

Renewable Energy

Special Projects – Architectural Kit